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"This is the best course I have taken in learning Spanish. It not only is instructional, but it includes the necessary repetition by using fun exercises and games. The online tutor is best of all. Your errors are corrected along with helpful suggestions. I cannot say enough good things about this wonderful program. And believe me, I have tried books, computer programs, even private tutors. This is the best!"
Cindy Fox, System manager of a pathology laboratory and medical transcriptionist - Florida, USA

"The LearnPlus Deutsch I program is a simple, low-stress and effective introduction to the study of the German Language. As a professional educator I was very impressed by the clear and concise nature and structure of the introductory lessons with their step-by-step increases in difficulty, useful vocabulary, and extensive drills and practice exercises -- all demonstrating a careful and well thought out educational plan. The course achieved its specific goals in a very simple and straightforward manner. Being on-line allowed me to have the freedom to access the lessons whenever my busy schedule allowed study time and the previous lessons were always easily accessed for review.
One of the great advantages of the LearnPlus program over the various commercially available software programs is the access to a "real live" tutor. It was an invaluable aid to receive comments and criticism about my language-learning progress as well as receiving additional information on my questions about points of grammar beyond those being covered in the specific lesson or my inquires into the culture of the German-speaking countries from a native-speaking professional language instructor. The pronunciation exercises and tests were especially helpful and certainly increased my confidence in my learning and progress.
I have and will continue to enthusiastically recommend the LearnPlus program to friends, students and to my fellow educators. In fact, I might add that the language instructors at my school have encouraged their first-year students to enroll for the additional drills and pronunciation practice the course provides to them."
Stan Hutto, Physics teacher - Texas, USA

"The course is organized excellently. My tutor has been excellent too and has given me a lot of practical hints besides the content of the course. I would like to thank my tutor for her collaborative teamwork.
The content of the course is exactly for my level. I knew many Spanish words before, but now I can try to form dialogs and sentences. Thanks a lot for all your help."
Heinz Heer, Computer scientist - Germany

"Grüß Gott! The course is well structured and well taught. I have been to many other sites before enrolling and I am convinced that you have the right method for distance teaching. All skills are covered simultaneously with the help of a professional tutor.
I could have gone to Goethe Institut or other language schools in Montreal, but your course saved me the traveling time that I could use to study! Of course, quality came first!
I also learned that whatever the language: "Übung macht den Meister."
Viele Grüße!"
Thérèse Caron, Language teacher and translator - Québec, Canada

"I have enjoyed my LearnPlus course immensely. LearnPlus is the most effective language learning method I have tried. Because I listen, speak, read and write simultaneously I learn more of the language in less time and I retain it longer than I do with books and/or tapes.
I'm also very impressed with how rapidly my test submissions are responded to. Even when I submit tests on Sunday, I receive a corrected (and encouraging) report shortly thereafter.
Another of my favorite LearnPlus features is the detailed pronunciation analysis from my tutor. I practiced a great deal on the guttural and "rolled r" sounds that are typically hard for a native English speaker. But until I completed my first pronunciation check, I did not realize I was overlooking some of the more subtle sounds. Due to my tutor's feedback, I will feel much less shy about speaking German when I am actually in Germany this July."
Julie Mathis, Nanny - Tennessee, USA

"I've wanted to take courses at a language school here, but I travel so often that I miss too many of the lessons. I think this course was developed especially for me! I'm enjoying the course very much and I telling my friends about it, too."
Lynn - Texas, USA

"Since I enrolled with LearnPlus for the German course I have never been happier. The way this course has been structured encourages me to look forward to dedicate as much time as possible to learning German. I have learnt a lot in a very short space of time. All credit to my online 24hr tutor and the LearnPlus team for all their support and professionalism."
Maria, Site manager - Gibraltar

"I have really enjoyed using Spanish 1 and would highly recommend it to anyone. Before finding Spanish 1 on the Internet I had tried to learn Spanish with tapes and books and by attending a local college. The tapes and books don't seem to sink in and I had too hectic a lifestyle to attend college on a regular basis.
Spanish 1 can be done in your own time and at your own pace. There is no pressure - only support.
The tuition side of Spanish 1 is invaluable - I don't think you could learn as much as quickly without it. Your e-mail are answered within 24 hours and the tests at the end of each lesson are really helpful to monitor your progress."
Nicola Fotheringham, Florist - England, UK

"The LearnPlus German 1 program is an excellent way to learn and build on the essential basics of the German language. The interactive lessons and games make it really fun to learn (beware, it can become addictive!) The tutorial interaction is an incredible feature that is both motivating and confidence-building. It's really the "plus" in LearnPlus! I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to have fun while learning!"
Elisabeth Faber, 'travel enthusiast' - Ohio, USA

"The Spanish 1 course is excellent. The tutorials are paced just right, and enabled me to build a firm foundation in the Spanish language, whilst always giving me a sense of progress. I found that the Drill & Practice sessions effectively reinforced new language. The tutorial service was also very useful - at various points I made basic grammatical mistakes that I would otherwise not have picked up on, and no doubt would still be making now."
Martin Kaye, IT analyst - England, UK

"Big pluses of the LearnPlus method are:
• You work at your own pace, setting your own timetable, anywhere you can sit down at a computer and go on-line. There is total flexibility.
• You become proficient in ALL the skills of a language: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
• You get immediate feedback to all exercises.
When you're unsure, you can go back and repeat material at any time.
The interactive role-plays let you learn and practice in realistic situations.
As a former language teacher, I can attest to the pedagogical soundness of the method. As a busy full-time employee with a family, I was delighted to discover a way to learn German from my own home with all the benefits of a classroom except the company of other students. Thanks for a great base that I can continue to build on."
Dala Beld, Teacher of English as a Foreign Language - Basque Country, Spain

"I very much enjoyed the Spanish 1 course and I look forward to continuing with this program. The lessons are thorough and easy to understand in an organized, step-by-step format. The grammar explanations and exercises are extremely helpful. The games and sentence puzzles helped enforced what I learned. The lesson options of listening, writing and speaking are valuable tools. I appreciated the fact that I could go to the lessons anytime, day or night, to study. My tutor was extremely helpful and patient. Her reports regarding my test results were done in a way so as not to discourage me. She corrected the errors, complimented me on my progress and encouraged me to continue. I think the tutoring is invaluable."
Joan Fallavena, Real Estate broker - California, USA

"LearnPlus gave me the confidence to join a class and although I still feel a little embarrassed speaking in front of the class I would not have attended at all without the encouragement of the LearnPlus course."
Jane - England, UK

"The combination of visual and audio technology was quite appealing and helped me stay motivated. Feedback from my personal tutor was always prompt and informative. The course is perfect for anyone who is good at learning at their own pace, and results and stats help you stay on track. I thought the course was fun and I learned more than I would just working in a textbook."
Christina Martin, Musician - Texas, USA

"Why an on-line course? What I would monthly pay to a regular course, I pay as my computer installment. I get more out of the same amount. Why Learnplus? An attractive, friendly page which convinced me it could be a serious course."
Maria do Pilar Joffily, Projects assistant for an international organization - Brazil

"I must tell you how much I've enjoyed German I. The interactive design of the course and the order in which the material was presented was very good. I feel I was able to retain much more by using the read, write and speak functions. This course was also much superior to another first level course I had taken through my workplace in Vienna. I'm now looking forward to your next level German course."
Robert Horner, Seismologist - Vienna, Austria


  More Quotes From Users


"I read about your site on ZDNet.com, a very respected technological site. The author of the article recommended your site as a very good one for learning Spanish. I agree."

"I think this course is structured very well. I could tell by the trial lesson I took before I signed up the way the grammar points were introduced then followed by the Drill & Practice session would really solidify the language as it was learned. Having a real person to review your work and help with questions is what makes me feel like I really can do this.
I've tried CD-ROM courses in the past, but would quickly get to something that confused me, and would be very frustrated trying to build on something I wasn't truly understanding in the first place."
North Carolina

"I am really enjoying the course. I am very impressed with your program."

"Thanks to LearnPlus I feel that I will be able to learn. The tutor feedback is very important. Every student, regardless of his/her studies responds better when encouraged by constructive criticism. I tell people who ask where I'm learning Spanish about your site. I hope they visit LearnPlus."

"I would recommend this to anyone as this is a good, sound course."

"My husband and I are going on a trip to Germany, so I thought I'd try to pick up some of the language before we go. My kids are learning it in school and they are having fun listening and reading over my shoulder!"

"I find the variety of speaking voices a useful and pleasing aid to comprehension - especially the younger voices."

"I have been trying to self-teach myself for quite some time, and have learned some, to the point of being able to read it fairly well, but finding it difficult to understand when spoken and to speak. I want you to know how valuable I feel this site is."

"I am sharing this opportunity with several friends and hope that they take the course from you too!"

"I have taken just one semester of German at a community college here and really appreciate being able to have the opportunity to take this course to reinforce some of the basics that I already know."

"Your new site with the changes is really neat. I really want to continue."

"I have recommended this and will continue to do so as a marvellous programme and such value for money too."
United Kingdom

"Unfortunately, my study is always squeezed between work travel and home life. Therefore, I have not been too successful [in attending traditional classes]. This is the reason for taking your course."
New York

"Thank you for your help. It is so nice to have you just a click away in helping me understand Spanish."


  Some Quotes From an Online Survey


"I think it's great! Thank you for this opportunity!"

"I really like the easy accessibility of the sound files and the quantity of sound."

"I think it's great. Can't wait for Spanish 2!"

"It's great that I can hear the words pronounced correctly in German."

"It could be a chance for me to open my mind to cultures other than North American English."

"It's fun and gives good audio knowledge."

"I like that I'm learning something on my own!"

"I took the free online demo and thought it was great!"

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