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LearnPlus has conceived the most advanced and interactive language courses available on the Internet on the basis of a simple consideration: time, understanding, practice, and feedback are the few essentials you need to learn a foreign language.

If you are motivated and devote enough time to the course, LearnPlus will give you all the tools you need to build confidence, fluency and a long-lasting knowledge.

Our online courses follow a simple 3-step learning method that gives you:
1. A clear understanding of how the language works and a useful vocabulary;
2. Many entertaining ways to practice and reinforce your language skills;
3. Constant feedback to correct your performance and get the greatest benefit from your studies.

1. Understanding = learn how the language works

If you are serious about learning a foreign language, you need to learn the grammar. This does not mean spending your time memorizing boring rules. In all LearnPlus courses, concise and easy-to-read explanations introduce sets of grammatical points very gradually. You assimilate each point before you move on to more complex grammar and learning how the language works becomes effortless. This in turn enables you to progress faster and more steadily.

2. Practice = practice makes perfect

If your aim is to really know the language, you need to practice -- constantly! LearnPlus courses provide a wide range of activities: examples, drills, exercises, games, role-plays, and more. These activities have been specially designed to make you practice all four language skills. You listen to native speakers and read, write, and speak the target language from the very first lesson and throughout the whole course. Thanks to regular and varied practice, you gain confidence and fluency in the language.

3. Feedback = monitor your performance

If you want to know whether you are learning correctly, you need advice. LearnPlus offers personal tutorial services: you are in direct contact with a dedicated tutor who answers your questions about the language, helps you with grammar and pronunciation, corrects your tests, and creates personalized exercises whenever necessary.
Our new program (Deutsch 1) also offers innovative 'Results & Advice' pages that keep track of your performance. Through the interactive features provided in each lesson you can independently monitor your progress and receive detailed recommendations about how to improve.


All the educational material used in the courses is original, conceived and produced by the experienced LearnPlus team of educators. All material is completely interactive and combines sounds, images, and text to give you the best possible tools to learn the language effectively. Try the free demo, and learn the difference!

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