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In this Guide you will find several texts that you are likely to need if you want to learn German or improve your proficiency in the language. All the learning material has been reviewed by expert German teachers and includes the most needed learning aids: German dictionaries, German grammar books, etc. These resources are suitable for beginners to advanced students. A concise description summarizes the contents of each book and gives you a helpful insight into its strengths and eventual weak points. Our language tutors have been using the material themselves and can recommend it as authoritative and easy-to-use. You will also find a convenient way to view more information about each book or purchase it online if you wish to buy it.

For each recommended book, there is a quick reference to the level for which it is suitable: B for 'beginners,' I for 'intermediate,' and A for 'advanced.' There is also a rating system: 5 stars for 'excellent,' 4 stars for 'very good,' 3 stars for 'good,' 2 stars for 'mediocre,' 1 star for 'not good.'

• Dictionaries - A short list of the best bilingual dictionaries: German to English and English to German. Useful purchases if you are studying German, need to translate German texts for work or in school, or simply plan to travel to a Spanish-speaking country.

• Grammar - An index of those essential books that explain the rules of the German language and let you practice it right away. If you struggle to get to grips with German, a grammar book will help solve the mystery of nouns' gender, verbs' conjugation, and similar language nightmares.

• Vocabulary - A guide to useful vocabulary builders. If you know the grammar but need to enlarge your range of words and expressions, a vocabulary book is the ideal tool to learn more German.

• Idioms - If you have ever wondered why German people sit on the four letters (die vier Buchstaben) and sometimes have to pull the cart out of the mud (die Karre aus dem Dreck ziehen), these collections of German idiomatic expressions will give you the answer.

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LearnPlus Guides > German Guide Index > German Learning Material Index
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