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This is a directory of "guides" for anyone interested in foreign languages and cultures. We have tried to include only useful and high-quality sites that deal in various ways with foreign languages and the learning process. You will find different resources, from educational directories to online translating dictionaries. We have grouped them in different categories:

• Learning Guide  NEW! - This Guide will help you get the most out of your studies. Every page highlights important elements involved in the learning process; it contains techniques to improve your confidence; and it suggests ways to achieve the best results. The Guide offers advice that is helpful for any subject and there is a special chapter about foreign languages. You will find useful tips whether you are attending school, studying on your own, or considering resuming education.

• Online Resources - This Guide lists useful language-related resources that are all available online: you will find links to extensive catalogs, directories, and indexes about literature, culture, history, media, and more.

• Schools - Look up this Guide if you are interested in studying a foreign language in the country where it is spoken: you will find links to websites that give information about studying abroad and list schools, programs, and organizations that you can contact.

• Travel - On this Guide you will find links to helpful travel-related websites: airlines and international travel agents with booking facilities, practical information, and tips from experienced travelers.

• Reference - This Guide links to online collections of language-related resources that you can use for reference: mono- and bi-lingual dictionaries, Thesauri, grammatical explanations, translating services, etc.

• Miscellaneous - This Guide groups mixed resources on language, community, and living abroad.

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LearnPlus Guides > General Guide Index
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