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Grammar may seem difficult, but it is a very effective tool if you are facing the challenge of learning a new language. The grammar of a language is simply a set of rules that explain how that language works. If you learn these rules, you can understand the mechanisms of the language and master it.
These easy definitions and examples cover most common terms and will be of use to anyone who is not familiar with words like 'adjective' or 'verb'. They will especially help you understand the explanations used in the LearnPlus German courses.

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• Adjectives

• Adverbs

• Articles

• Cases

• Conjunctions

• Determiners

• Nouns

• Prepositions

• Pronouns

• Sentences

• Subject & Objects

• Umlaut

• Verbs


NB: These notes include several examples in German. Translations into English are given for convenience. Please do not focus on the translations: translations are often misleading because the rule of one language does not correspond to an identical rule of the other.

LearnPlus Guides > German Guide Index > German Grammar Index
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